[Japan] Monster Hunter XX Switch Version Will Be Releasing August 25th

With Capcom announcing Monster Hunter XX for the Nintendo Switch yesterday, at the Monster Hunter Championship 2017 it was announced that the game will releasing in Japan on August 25th.

A trailer has been released which reveals some details and features that will also be coming to the game including cross-saving & cross-play between the 3DS & the Switch so 3DS owners will be able continue where they left off on the new console.

The game will support 4 player local & online co-op as well between Switch consoles & 3DS as well.. As regards to performance, the switch version will run at 1080p in dock mode. The retail version of the game will set buyers back 5,800 yen, the digital version will cost 5,546 yen.

Of course, Monster Hunter XX for 3DS is only out in Japan at the moment but maybe during E3 2017, Capcom may announce a dual release in the west. To top it off, there will also be a limited edition Switch console bundle coming to Japan as well.

Source: Monster Hunter XX Twitter Page





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