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North America, you’ve had your fun and now Defenders of the Triforce is coming to Europe and its first port of call is the city of Barcelona in Spain!

Spain will not be it’s only destination though as there will be an event in Paris, London and even Cologne and while we don’t have a date for the Cologne event, we do have one for the others, plus a promo trailer for the event, and a brief guide on How to Play that’s been taken directly from the official website:

Barcelona, Spain (Starts: 2nd of July, 2017/Ends: 2nd of July, 2017)

Paris, France (Starts: 6th of July, 2017/Ends: 9th of July, 2017)

London, England (Starts: 14th of July, 2017/Ends: 16th of July, 2017)

Cologne, Germany (Dates are yet To Be Determined)

How to Play:

  1. It’s dangerous to go alone. Assemble a team! Players will be seated in teams of 6 during the game. SCRAP staff will help groups of 5 or fewer form teams with other players at the door.
  2. Purchase a ticket for one of the cities on the game tour. Be careful to choose the same day and time as your teammates, or have one person buy all the tickets at once. NOTE: The game’s contents will be the same across all cities, meaning it can only be played once!
  3. Arrive at the venue at least 15 minutes before your game time. Give yourself enough time for parking and check-in at registration.
  4. Enjoy the introduction from our talented MC, who will explain the game’s story and your goal to escape.
  5. During the game, your team will have their own table. This is your base of operations, but you will need to get up and explore the game space in order to find all the clues. Write everything down!
  6. Using the clues, solve all the puzzles in order to escape. Puzzles will take many forms, and some will be tricky. Don’t let evil win!
  7. Hey, listen! to the solution walkthrough at the end – just in case you aren’t able to escape.
  8. After the game, enjoy a Zelda-themed area with video trailers and special merchandise for sale
  9. Keep the fun for everyone! Never share game answers or spoilers on the internet so that players in other cities get to enjoy the game the same way that you did.

I’m currently kicking myself over this as it is something I’d love to do, but having been to Barcelona ones before, I know how expensive it is, so it looks like I’ll have to give the event a miss this year, in favour of funding other pursuits, so for those of you who can make it, may you all have a fantastic time and please feel free to rub it into this writer’s face. I want to see those photos and if you don’t send them in, well I might just have to go on an epic quest to track you down and force you to show me!

For our readers in Germany though, just as soon as we get a date we’ll be sure to let you know via a must post update. So until then, keep on gaming!




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