Super Mario Run MK8D Mega Event Progress Announcement #2

Yesterday, Super Mario Run players received a notification about the progress of the Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Mega Event and how many times Toad Rally had been played which was just over 7 million times. Today another notification graces our screens to say that Toad Rally has been played an incredible 15,351,688 times. That’s not bad going for on three days but we only have until May 11th to reach the goal of 50,000,000 times played. Below is the in-game notification released today and a reminder of the rewards you can win after reaching certain milestones. (Note: the amount of times played is collectively of course. It would be pretty tough going trying to reach 50,000,000 all on your own).Screenshot_2017-05-01-09-09-10.png

Source: Super Mario Run In-Game Notification


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