(Random) Nintendo Have Officially Stated Ganondorf’s Surname On Zelda Website

We have all known for years that Ganondorf does actually have a surname. It was written in the Instruction Manual for The Legend Of Zelda: A Link To The Past where he was named Ganondorf Dragmire but as the years have gone by, the surname has fallen into obscurity and there was doubt whether it was really his surname of if it was just something the localization translators added to build up the story. and character.

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Super Bomberman R To Update To Version 1.3 This Friday (April 21st)

Konami’s Super Bomberman R will be receiving a new update this Friday (April 21st) and will update the game to version 1.3. A brand new stage will be coming to the Nintendo Switch game and various fixes and improvements to the difficulty setting and other tweaks

SBR Tweet

Source: Bomberman Official Twitter Page

(US) Specter Of Torment Comes To Wii U April 21st And 3DS On April 28th

Even though the Nintendo Switch has had Shovel Knight: Specter Of Torment since Launch back in March, the expansion has yet to come to the Wii U or 3DS. Well it has been announced that the Expansion will be coming to Wii U this Friday (April 21st) and the Nintendo 3DS will receive it the following Friday (April 28th) in North America. It has not been confirmed when Europe can expect a release date but Yacht Club Games are working on it.

Source: Yacht Club Games (Twitter)

Super Mario Run: Nintendo Apologies For Issue In “Loads Of Coins” Event

This is a bit late in coming (this post not the apology) but Nintendo have issued a formal apology via in-game notification in Super Mario Run. There was an issue that affected the “Loads Of Coins” event for a short period of time but has now been resolved. We have included the notification below if you have yet to see it yourself.

SMR - Copy

Were you affected by this issue? Feel free to let us know in the comments below

Source: Super Mario Run In-Game Notification

Take It Or Leaf It! The Grass Gym Cup Comes To Pokémon Duel

The Grass Gym Cup comes to Pokémon Duel in the latest update includes stat increases to attack and movement for Grass and Poison type Pokémon. The event lasts until April 26th and booster redemptions up until May 2nd.

Serebii 2 - Copy

Source: Serebii.net

Pokémon Sun & Moon April Battle Competition Registration Now Open, Competition Begins April 28th

Pokémon Sun & Moon On 3DS has opened registration for the next Battle Competition title “2017 Internation Challenge April Competition.” It is a Double Battle Competition that use the VGC 2017 rules and only Pokémon from the Alola Pokédex can enter, Legendaries or Rare Pokémon like Cosmog, Cosmoem, Solgaleo, Lunala, Magearna, Necrozma or Zygarde are not allowed to Participate nor can Mega Stones be used. Registration is now open and the competition will be underway from April 28th until April 30th. Below is an extract from Serebii’s Website.

Serebii 1 - Copy

Source: Serebii.net

Fire Emblem Heroes Grand Hero Battle Zephiel Awaits

A new day brings more goodies in Fire Emblem Heroes and also a new Grand Hero Battle. This time you will be going up against Zephiel: The Liberator. There is also a new Summon focus that could net you 5* versions of Hana, Reinhardt, Frederick & Nowi, who will prove useful in the Grand Hero battle. Below are screenshots of the In-game Notifications and the Heroes of the latest Summoning Focus.


Source: Fire Emblem Heroes (In-Game Notification)

Fast RMX Updated To Version 1.2

An Update for Fast RMX is now available that brings two new features to the game, Time Attack and Online Communication (Friends). The Version 1.2 update takes up 16.1mb of data so it shouldn’t take to long to download.


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Source: Fast RMX (Switch eShop)