New Balance Patch Coming To Pokémon Duel Tomorrow

Mobile game Pokémon Duel will be receiving a balance patch tomorrow which will be affecting several figures in pretty noticable ways. Here are the figures that have been buffed and nerfed:

Ability – Gains the Chemical Pollen ability, which gives MP-1 to all Poisoned or Noxious Pokémon when Venusaur is on the field
Move Toxic changed to Venom Whip with a larger wheel size
Bite is removed and replaced with Noxious Fang, with the power of 50
Cross Poison’s power increased from 60 to 70
Miss wheel size decreased
Poison Powder wheel size increased
Vine Whip removed and replaced with Seed Bomb, with the power of 50 and has a larger wheel size
Miss wheel size decreased
Poison Gas’s strength increased from ☆ to ☆☆
Sludge Bomb’s power increased from 40 to 50
Miss wheel size decreased
In addition to this, the ability Ghost Sensor is being altered.




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