(Event) Miitomo’s 1st Anniversary Style Central Event

Listen Up Miitomo users, The Miitomo admin will be hand picking their favourite Outfit Styles from Style Central and will be sharing them via the in-app notification along with the name of the Mii. The outfits chosen are those that have been posted from the 8th of April until the 16th of April. There is no limit to how many you share but repeat outfits will only be counted a one and don’t offer multiple chances of winning. Check out the In-App notification about the event which we have shared below. Continue reading (Event) Miitomo’s 1st Anniversary Style Central Event


(Random) The SNES To Receive A New Game, Unholy Night: The Darkness Hunter

The Super Nintendo Entertainment System first released over 26 years ago and has since been surpassed by many generations of game consoles since. However it seems that the SNES May be able to come out of retirement (or at least out of the dusty cardboard box it may be kept in) as a new game is coming to it called Unholy Night: The Darkness Hunter and is expected to see release later this year.

Unholy Night: The Darkness Hunter is a 2D beat-em-up created by former staff members of SNK. The game features Story, Versus , Survival, & Practice Modes and allows up to two people to play at the same time.

Unholy Night: The Darkness Hunter is currently up for pre-order on Amazon US and costs $49.99. If you are interested you can check it out via this link.  At this moment, the SNES title is listed with a release date of 19th June. It is not certain whether it is just a placeholder date or the actual release date. but either way, you can expect it to come out this year.

*Update: The game is already out in Japan since April 8th. Thank you Paul Dobson for the tip!

[Literature] New Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Official Guide Releases Later this Month

And history repeats yet again.


Following the release of Mario Kart 8 for Nintendo Wii U, Prima Games handled the publication of the game’s official guide and now fast forward to the present and Prima Games are now responsible for the official guide for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.

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Sonic Mania is for the Fans but Sonic Forces is for Everyone!

Later on this year, not one but two Sonic titles are coming to the Nintendo Switch and it turns out that the sheer difference between the two titles, is somewhat intentional.


During an interview with Twinfinite, SEGA Product Manager Jim Dyer, specifically stated that while Sonic Mania is a true Sonic game, it is a game that essentially only appeals to the fans, whereas Sonic Forces is a Sonic game for everyone to play and enjoy and a way of making the Sonic franchise something far more than it is. Here are his comments in full: Continue reading Sonic Mania is for the Fans but Sonic Forces is for Everyone!

[Interview] Getting to Know the Newly Announced 0000 for Nintendo 3DS

In case you missed it, earlier this week, Ratalaika Games announced a new title for both Steam and 3DS and that tile is 0000. Now given our history and relationship with Ratalaika, you wouldn’t be wrong to expect us to immediately get in touch and arrange an interview, which we’d then post in the same week the announcement came, only that didn’t happen. Only instead of interviewing Ratalaika once again, this time we’ve gone straight to the source and spoke and spoke directly with a member if the team, behind the game, so sit down and make yourselves comfortable, because this is our Alvarop Games with Sebastian Salvagno:

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Two New Trailers and the Story of Ho-oh (Pokémon I Choose You Movie)

We promised we’d share any and all news that comes regarding the Pokémon: I Choose You movie and this is us keeping that promise!


Following the release of two new trailers/commercials for the upcoming 20th Pokémon movie, as well as Marshadow getting an official showing, an official summary has also been given and since Serebii has shared such translation by Adamant, we’re going to be sharing that translation right here, along with the new footage. Please enjoy: Continue reading Two New Trailers and the Story of Ho-oh (Pokémon I Choose You Movie)

[Video] Who’s That Pokémon? It’s Marshadow!

We knew its name. We even knew what it looked like, but now Marshadow has been officially and we’ve got the official video that revealed the “new” Pokémon right here:

According to Serebii, Marshadow (a Fighting/Ghost-type Pokémon,) is to tie in with the upcoming Pokémon: I Choose You movie, which makes sense since the official Pokémon website cites Marshadow not being encounterable in normal gameplay. Other than that though that is literally everything that was revealed, but the promise of more details to come has been made and once we have them, you can expect to see Marshadow featuring on miketendo64.com once again!


Until said time comes though, keep on gaming!


Source: pokemon.com

Splatoon Nobel Hard Candy Review

Need a sweet treat in between rounds of Splatoon? Check out Kuribo’s latest review of Japanese candy!


With Splatoon 2 on the horizon, I thought it might be a good time to “wet” your appetite for ink with some delicious hard candy!  I spotted this candy at my local international grocery store and decided to buy it for the reasonable price of around $3.50. Nobel’s Mario gummies were a big hit in my recent review, so should we expect the same for the hard candy?  Read on to find out!

Splatoon Nobel Hard Candy PackagingPackaging – The Splatoon candy comes in a size that is very comparable to the small bags of Lifesavers you see in grocery stores across the U.S.  One big advantage to Splatoon candy is the packaging is much cooler than Lifesavers!  The ink patterns and Splatoon art look great and catch your eye in the store even when surrounded by other Japanese candy.

Splatoon Nobel Hard Candy OpenedUnbagging – After opening and pulling out all of the contents of the…

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