Lead Composer for Xenoblade Chronicles 2, Yasunori Mitsuda, has taken to his personal blog and Facebook account to express how things are going music wise with the game. He says it it one of the biggest productions he has worked on and is working with a team of 150 musicians. You can check out extracts from his blog below.

MIX start

Posted by Micchan      3rd April

Start mixing Xenoblade 2 from today. It is only an event song, even if it ends, it is still half. However, it is recorded with a good sound. I am trying to surpass Xenoblade 1 with everyone. I definitely think that it is the largest project among the world’s game music .

A break

Posted by Micchan      2nd April

It is a mix from tomorrow, but today is a day off to cure the tiredness of one month of rampage so far. I entered a hot spring and slowly came. I will do my best again from tomorrow.

Recording Day (last day)

Posted by Micchan      1st April

Today we recorded Piano, Tin Whistle, Guitar, Banjo, Mandolin. Piano was always asking Pane to play and the goose skin was standing all the way at its control booth with its crystal clear sound. Although it was a tremendous number of songs, I am thankfully able to play everything perfectly. Tin Whistle is also a member of our Millennial Fair (my own band name), Mr. Akio Noguchi got him to play.

In relation to time, I attempted to record about two songs with Mr. Koichiro Tashiro who was asking after that but the best grooves came out and it was awesome. It is good to do anything on anything (musicians will be nervous, but lol) Recently, as long as it is not delivered by stem, Oke will do the same recording as much as possible. That person will be several times better in various ways.

Anyway, Aki-chan Thank you for this wonderful performance ! It is! And lastly I played a lot of strings by Mr. Koichiro Tashiro . It was a really nice time at 1 o’clock in the evening that ended. I will start mixing work from today, but recently it is always for engineers here <a I = 27> There are many things done after coming, and when I was a bubble, I would like to mix while enjoying Mt. Fuji with a feeling like a resort recording that was popular . (Actually it can not be done while looking at the sound absorbing material from the room, but haha)

I do not have to worry about the studio fee, so I think I would like to mix it carefully . However, this time it may be more than 150 players alone in the musicians. Premonition that seems to be the most number of works ever … Budget management, booking, music management, music management, and composition are quite serious, but I will do my best.

Source: Mitsuda’s Diary

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