New World of Nintendo Figures Spotted!

Some new World of Nintendo figures have been spotted from many of your favorite franchises! Kuribo shares the details in his latest article.

While I haven’t seen the most recent 4″ inch figure releases here in Ohio yet, according to the World of Nintendo Reddit and Amiiboking718, a new wave of 2.5″ inch figures have hit retail!  It looks like the following figures are released in this new wave:

Doctor Mario, Red Bob-omb, Blue Baby Yoshi, Larry Koopa, Purple Squid (reprint), Link (reprint), Skull Kid (reprint), Boo (reprint)

New World of Nintendo 2.5 Figures Image courtesy of amiiboking718 and

It has become common for new World of Nintendo figures to just show up in stores and while this wave is heavy on reprints and a repaint, that has also been somewhat common as of late.  Of the new figures, Baby Yoshi and Larry Koopa both will be a hit with Mario fans and I suspect Larry Koopa will be hard to get based on how tough the Koopalings are to get in Micro Land which was also made by Jakks…

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AeternoBlade II Dev Says 3DS Release is not Completely Ruled Out Just Yet

One game that made some waves yesterday, was when Corecell Technology revealed plans for the 3DS release of AeternoBlade II was being scrapped, only that’s not completely the case.


While it is true the devs have focused their attention on bringing it to Switch instead, having reached out to the devs, and received a comment on a few thing, it seems all is not necessarily lost. So here’s a summarised contents of what was said, followed by the actual comments from Corecell Technologies Noppon Wannapensakun.


 Firstly, as far as the 3DS version goes it is not cancelled, but it is on hold, and although it runs smoothly on the dev’s own engine, to complete the 3DS version, a boatload of work is required, but with the devs making quality content their priority, work on the 3DS version has been moved to the back burner.


Secondly, for anyone who was hoping the Switch version may offer a little more or your buck, it may not happen. Right now AeternoBlade II is being developed as a multiplatform title across all platform, meaning regardless of what platform you play it on, exactly the same experience can be had, but saying that, the Switch will have a co-op mode and could go on to support some of the console’s key feature if the devs desire it. There’s also desires of amiibo mentioned too and because I’ve kept you waiting, here’s Noppon’s full comments:


“With regards to the Switch version, due to the fact we plan to make the game multiplatform game so, we’re not really planning on using the additional features the Switch provides just yet. That being said a 2 player co-op mode will be enabled and we may be add some puzzle mechanic that makes use of the Switch’s features.

Also since we are a 3rd party developer, I only experience Switch at launch date too. (Can’t stop playing Zelda) and personally, I want to make amiibo, but will depending on Nintendo and money.

Now as for the 3DS version, due to us wanting to use post processing of Unreal Engine 4, it’s had to go on hold for a while. [Editor’s Notes: Best term to describe it’s state is Development Hell, which is a media industry term for something that remains in development and often passes between crews, teams and even studios, but never progress and reaches completion] it does have the possibility.]

We are however still considering a 3DS release, since it does run on our “CoreUs Engine,” but it does still a lot work that needs doing and right now, we are now focused on content so. Content which we want to make sure is good first and then decide on what we are going to do next.”


And there you have it, a 3DS version could happen and there is more to this story than initially believed and so, we’re going to be keeping a close eye on AeternoBlade II from here on out.


So if you desire a site to keep you update on all the latest AetrnoBlade II happenings, is that site! Until next time, keep on gaming!

[Update] LEGO City Undercover for Switch Gets a Day 1 Update

Following the release of Lego City Undercover for Nintendo Switch in North America today, already an update is available.


The update is version 1.0.1 and despite requiring 479MB to download it, there has been no mention whatsoever of what this Day 1 update entails, but just as soon as details do come to light, you can be sure to read about them here at!


Source: Nintendo Everything

[Event] Turning up the Heat with Pokémon Duel’s Fire Gym Cup

I hope you like it hot because Pokémon Duel sure is heating up right now!


The latest event is now underway and it is of course the Fire Gym Cup and this is our short but sweet coverage of what you can expect from the new event: Continue reading [Event] Turning up the Heat with Pokémon Duel’s Fire Gym Cup

Ankama Reveals Abraca: Imagic Games for Nintendo Switch!

And just like that, another game has been added to the Switch’s line-up for May 2017!

If you have never played or heard of Abraca: Imagic Games is a competitive four player platformer by Ankama, which places one player “in the shoes of the hero – a Prince or Princess – and the other three players as the bad guys.” When playing as the bad guys, the role is to make your way through each levels as quickly as you possibly can, whilst defeating enemies and evading traps before having to do battle against a gigantic boss. On the other side of the coin though, the Prince/Princess. But that’s not all, because every time a level is completed, a new Hero is chosen (Prince/Princess), and the previous one now becomes a bad guy, as the cycle starts all over again.

Also since the can be played with one player with their eyes on the TV while the bad guys keep their eyes peeled on the screens of their individual connected Switch, Abraca is without a doubt a game that is perfect for the new Nintendo platform and just in case words aren’t enough, we’ve also got a trailer of the game in action for you!

And remember, if you love what you saw, Abraca: Imagic Games comes to Switch eShop in May 2017, so there is plenty of time to gather up friends who are also interested in the title and procure the required funds.

Source: Nintendo Life

[Random] Fomalhaut Believes Switch will Sell 30 Million Units by the End of 2018

Going by a new Nikkei Technology article by Fomalhaut, the Japanese teardown firm has shared two interesting tidbits, which we’ll be covering right here, right now! Continue reading [Random] Fomalhaut Believes Switch will Sell 30 Million Units by the End of 2018

Tequila Work’s RiME Can now be Pre-Ordered from Amazon for $29.99

A little later on this year, RiME is coming to the Nintendo Switch (as well as other platforms) and right now it can be pre-ordered straight from at a discounted price. Continue reading Tequila Work’s RiME Can now be Pre-Ordered from Amazon for $29.99

Just Dance 2017 Demo is now Available From the European Switch eShop

While the Just Dance games are not to everyone’s liking, it is a series with quite the following and now the chance to see if it is a series for you has arrived, provided you’re a Switch owner living in Europe.

IMG_20170404_184505.jpg Continue reading Just Dance 2017 Demo is now Available From the European Switch eShop

Fire Emblem Heroes Voting Gauntlet #2 Round One Match-Ups Unveiled

The Fire Emblem Heroes’ second Voting Gauntlet event commences tomorrow, and the first round match-ups have now been unveiled. Just like before in the last Voting Gauntlet, In round one, you can pick any of the eight characters’ teams. If your team wins, you’re stuck with them in the next round as well, If your team loses on the other hand, you get to chooes another hero instead in the next round. The match-ups are:

  • Subaki vs Beruka
  • Palla vs Minerva
  • Cordelia vs Cherche
  • Hinoka vs Camilla

If you need to strengthen any of your team members before the event, you can do so in Navarre’s Grand Hero Battle which has begun today and runs until April 9th. You can also take advantage of the new Summoning focus featuring Caeda, Effie, Kagero and Sophie are also available for the duration of the event

Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows Of Valentia To Get Official Guide Book Which Reveals New Content Not Available In The Original

Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia releases this month in Japan and, to assist gamers, Nintendo are pairing up with Shogakukan to release a 304 page official guidebook on April 27th, a week after the game’s release. Whilst it is possible that most of the dedicated fans may have already finished the game by then, it is worth noting the Guidebook’s description as it lists a number of un publicized game features and potential game changer. You can see the description below.

The official guidebook for Fire Emblem Echoes: Another Hero-King to be released on 20th April 2017 for the Nintendo 3DS.

In the system section, we explain in detail all the basic mechanics necessary to play the game, such as the alternating two main characters, class growth, flow of battle, dungeon exploration, village and street base conversations etc.

The core section of this book, the tactics section, covers Chapters 1 to 5, as well as the new Chapter 6 added after the ending, and includes detailed battle maps with strategies geared for Normal mode play. Of course, Hard mode tips will be provided. Also included are all the items obtained from base and village events, as well as dungeon maps.

In addition, in the data section, there is complete overage of units, skills, equipment, forging, provisions, medals, renown and so forth.

It’s a comprehensive guidebook that provides full assistance to those journeying through Valentia.


[Video] Team 17 Presents Yooka-Laylee: Modernising the 3D Platformer

While a release date for Yooka-Laylee on Switch has yet to be announced, gamers across the globe can hope to lay their hands on the upcoming Playtonic title exactly one week from now.


Excitement is well and truly in the air, but just in case there isn’t enough going around, here’s a new Yooka-Laylee video that was uploaded by Team 17 onto YouTube today, which showcases members of the dev team talking about Yooka-Laylee:

The wait is almost over, unless like me, you plan on getting Yooka-Laylee on Switch. In that case the wait could be a day, or even two months, but as soon as we know, you’ll know.


Source: Team 17 (YouTube)

Zelda Breath Of The Wild Devs Open Up To Famitsu About Ganon & Zelda’s Role In The Story & More

Famitsu will be publishing an interview this week with Zelda: BOTW Devs, Eiji Aonuma & Hidemaro Fujibayashi to talk a little more about the game. The official release is tomorrow but that hasn’t stopped a few tidbits from sneaking through the cracks and appearing online. You can find an extract of the interview below. Continue reading Zelda Breath Of The Wild Devs Open Up To Famitsu About Ganon & Zelda’s Role In The Story & More

[Update] Version 1.0.3 of the Nintendo Switch Parental Controls App Comes to Android Devices

Own an android device and have the Nintendo Switch Parental Controls app? It’s time you headed over to the Google Play Store as an update is rolling out this very minute.


Although don’t let your expectations get the best of you. The new update is solely to implement bug fixes and in no way adds new features or gimmicks, which the app sorely needs. Still at least it being a mere patch means it’s small and quick and easy to download, so your trip to the Google Play Store won’t be tediously new.


For additional Nintendo Mobile news like this and more, the site to visit is



Source: Google Play Store

[Event] Grand Hero Navarre Awaits! (Fire Emblem Heroes)

Ursula provided a challenge. Michalis was even tougher and now Navaree wishes to put them both to shame. Grand Hero Navarre has arrived!

As with every previous Grand Hero Battle, to do battle with Navarre, players will need to head over to Battle, then Special Maps and then choose the Navarre map before selecting the difficulty in which they’d like to challenge him on. (Options of course include Hard and Lunatic.)

But beating Navarre will be no easy task, as not only is it a difficult challenge on Hard mode, but should a single one of your units fall in battle, it’s game over, so if you’re an expecting easy battle, think again. But if you do have a powerful army and a decent strategy, then success shall be yours and victory on Hard mode you will of course earn you a 3 Navarre, whereas a victory on the Lunatic difficulty will of course see you walking away with a 4 Navarre.

However should your teams of Heroes let you down, than maybe it’s time to considering getting some new ones, and with a new Summing Focus Banner available, now might be the best time to do so. Especially since the likes of Caeda, Effie, Kagero and Sophia are carefully selected to ensure total victory, but you will need a lot of Orbs to get them. But should you require a quick lesson in why these characters are needed, then here is that lesson in photo format:


In typical Grand Hero Battle fashion, the event will only run for a short period of time, with this one set to end at 08:59 a.m. UTC+1 on the 9th of April and now in our typical Miketendo64 Grand Hero Battles coverage fashion, here’s a quick official regurgitation of the information with regards to Grand Hero Battles, to offer a full explanation to those who need it, followed by information on Navaree himself, which of course includes details on all his Skills that can be learned when he’s a 5 Hero:


* * * * *

What are Grand Hero Battles?:

These are special extremely challenging Hero Battles. By clearing the map you will gain the enemy Hero as your ally. As with other Hero Battles, if any of your allies fall in battle, it’s game over, so proceed with caution.

Grand Hero Battles also have a special rule: you cannot use a Light’s Blessing or an Orb to continue a battle if you lose, so make your moves on the field very carefully!

Look for golden banners to attempt Grand Hero Battles. Clear one on Hard to get a 3★ Navarre. Clear one on Lunatic to get a 4★ Navarre. Just make sure you’re fully prepared before you go into these battles!”

* * * * *

With all the knowledge you could possibly need, the time for you to go challenge Navarre has come. We wish you the best of luck, because you are absolutely going to need it!

Source: Fire Emblem Heroes (Mobile app)

[Literature] Shovel Knight: Official Design Works Book Releases August 29th

Just in case there wasn’t enough Shovel Knight books on their way this year (books such as Shovel Knight Guidebook, Codes of Shovelry Handbook and even Shovel Knight Mad Libs), now it’s been confirmed another one is on its way!


This book is Shovel Knight: Official Design Works and unlike the others, this work is credited as being by Yacht Club Games and published by Udon Entertainment, who if you remember rightly, did announce back in 2015 they would publish a Bayonetta 2, Persona 5 and Shovel Knight book in 2016. Sure the latter is late, especially when you take its August 29th release into consideration, but it is coming and this is its official description: Continue reading [Literature] Shovel Knight: Official Design Works Book Releases August 29th