April Quests Come to Fire Emblem Heroes

We since we’ve covered a ton of April Fool’s content today, here’s something that’s still April related but has Heroes instead of Fools. 


With a new month underway, as are a ton of new Quests, except unlike the previous times we had monthly quests, instead of consisting of a list of Quests that need to be completed, in order to unlock Hard monthly Quests and then Lunatic monthly Quests, this time around it is just a single list with a whole ton of Quests for players to aspire to complete and we’ve got the complete list right here: Continue reading April Quests Come to Fire Emblem Heroes


[April Fool’s] Introducing MaChamps by Pokémon

It wouldn’t be a true April Fool’s day without something Pokémon related reaching the internet and now something has!

Well Machamp always did like to show off his bulging muscles, so if any Pokémon was to begin a modelling career, Machamp is a suitable choice, but who took the photo? Clearly it’s the work of a professional photographer, so maybe The Pokémon Company enlisted Toby from Pokémon Snap to dust the lens off his camera, come out of retirement and capture this captivating shot.


That’s what I like to think anyway, because I’m partly crazy like that, but what do you make of this Pokémon mockery? Are you all for it, or against it as you feel another Pokémon would have done the job better? Let us know!


 Source: @Pokemon (Twitter)

Introducing Splatoon 2’s New Humpback Pump Track and Murch!

Ready those ink brains of yours Inklings as we’ve got another helping of Splatoon 2 news for you to digest and it is good!

First up, straight from the official Splatoon tumblr account, a new stage has been introduced and it is the Humpback Pump Track and as well as an official overview, we’ve also got a whole bunch of pics, so for your viewing pleasure, here it all is: Continue reading Introducing Splatoon 2’s New Humpback Pump Track and Murch!

[April Fool’s] WayForward “Announces” Shantae: Demakeified!

April Fool’s continues and finding itself the focus of this article, is a “remaster” we’ve always wanted, a reimagining of the first Shantae game!


Only I won’t have to use my own words to tell you all about it, as WayForward have gone all out with the announcement that they’ve even sent out a press release for the mock title and you can see it all right here:


*          *          *          *          *


Play the original SHANTAE in a whole new way:

Shantae: Demakeified!


Valencia, Calif. – 04/01/2017 — We are thrilled today to announce the re-imagining of a WayForward classic: Shantae: Demakeified!


First released on the Game Boy Color in 2002, the original Shantae game sold over 8,000 copies and spawned a generation of diehard fans, as well as several sequel products: Shantae: Risky’s Revenge, Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse, and the just-released Shantae: Half-Genie Hero (all available now on PC Steam and consoles).


But fans have been asking – nay, BEGGING – WayForward to recreate Shantae’s first adventure for modern gaming systems. Well today, we answer that beg! WayForward has a rich history of recreating classic games with updated visuals, audio, and storytelling. But let’s face it, remakes and remasters are so 2016. What the kids love these days is DE-MAKES!


Shantae: Demakeified! is a painstaking recreation of the 2002 Game Boy Color game, with all-new reduced visuals, removed animation frames, and compressed audio! It includes most of the game’s original levels, plus no new content (because we couldn’t fit much on the cart). Gameplay has been redesigned to work with a single-button input, adding a whole new layer of challenge to jumping, attacking, or just walking around.

And for people who are “so over” de-makes, there’s a special unlockable mode: Shantae De-Demakeified! Stare with befuddlement at randomly-colored squares that slide around onscreen and might possibly represent characters. Struggle to figure out basic mobility, just like Grand-Dad did back in 1982. More retro equals more fun!



Shantae: Demakeified! is available Fall 2017 on all consoles with an RF output. For more information on this title and all WayForward games, head to http://www.WayForward.com.




*          *          *          *          *



The whole “available Fall 2017” is a nice touch, nothing screams April Fool’s louder than that and with the day still not over, we can expect another hijinks or two! Have you got a favourite joke news article that broke today? Let us know!



            Source: WayForward PR

(Video) Playtonic Games Presents “Yooka Laylee Rap”

Yes, you read the title correctly. Playtonic games have released a Rap Video for Yooka Laylee. If you think it seems familiar,  you are definitely not mistaken as the brilliant minds that are behind Yooka Laylee, Banjo Kazooie and Donkey Kong 64 are the one that created that terrible, albeit silly rap in Donkey Kong 64 as well. The graphics of Yooka Laylee are a vast improvement since their days of old but lets face it, the Playtonic team’s rapping skills have not improved. It is still humourous to watch though and so we have included it below for you mild amusement.

Source: Playtonic Games (YouTube)

My Nintendo April Rewards Now Available In US, Europe & Australia

We are now in the month of April and with that, My Nintendo have new rewards available for North American, European and Australian Users. These rewards are made up of new discounts on certain games, clothing items for Miitomo and free add-on content for Swapdoodle and Fire Emblem Wallpapers as well. You can see all the rewards available and for what region below the image.

my-nin-april-656x656 Continue reading My Nintendo April Rewards Now Available In US, Europe & Australia

Nintendo Switch Gets Unity 5.6 Engine Support


Released Yesterday, Unity 5.6 comes with native support for Nintendo Switch along with other features as well. There are already Unity built games released on Switch already with the likes of Nintendo’s own Snipperclips and Konami’s Super Bomberman R, but with official support, all developers, indie and corporate now have the opportunity to release their unity built games on to the Nintendo Switch with ease. Nintendo made it the goal to ensure that the Nintendo Switch would provide as much support possible for developer tools from the beginning which includes Unreal Engine 4 from Epic Games.

Source: Unity3d.com

(Opinion) Mike Scorpio On Zelda: Breath Of The Wild

WARNING! This Post May Contain Minor Spoilers!

I have been trying to find the words to describe this game and the time to write them. Alas, I have finally managed to find both and will now take my time to express my thoughts about The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild. I was never a fan of the name to start with and when the game was announced, I did feel a little disappointed that Nintendo’s biggest Zelda Game to date was named like a Discovery Channel Program. Name aside I still had high hopes for this game and the long wait that all of us Zelda fans have endured had me bordering fanatical obsession, constantly scouring the Internet for news that would shed more details about what was to be the best game ever coming to the Wii U (and the Switch).

2017032021451500-F1C11A22FAEE3B82F21B330E1B786A39 Continue reading (Opinion) Mike Scorpio On Zelda: Breath Of The Wild

[April Fool’s] 8-bit Bayonetta Comes to Steam!

The April Fool’s hijinks continue and this time, we’re covering one that comes straight from SEGA.

1 Continue reading [April Fool’s] 8-bit Bayonetta Comes to Steam!

Video Review: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Hey everyone! Mr. Panda here, with a special treat! Here is my premiere review video of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild for the Nintendo Switch! Don’t worry. It’s spoiler-free. Enjoy!


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