The Nintendo Switch only released two and a bit weeks ago and already it’s second update is available right this very minute.

Only don’t go expecting anything major as this update solely consists of “General system stability improvements to enhance the user’s experience.”

But hey, if it makes the Switch play better, than its an update worth getting and it takes no time to download whatsoever. So don’t delay and get it today. 

Source: Nintendo 

By Jack Longman

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4 thoughts on “[Update] ​Switch Version 2.1.0 is Available now!”
  1. Dawww your headline brought me here excited to see some cool new features! Lol at least I can rest easy knowing my Switch is more stable than ever…

    1. Sorry about that. Whenever we talk about “Big Changes” like extra features and the like, we do tend to add it into the title. We don’t like to mislead people if we can help it and we do try not to do ‘click-bait’ articles for the sake of doing them but news is news, no matter how small it is.

        1. I know you mean well, not everyone in the world is a cynic otherwise it would be a pretty darn miserable place to live. I am glad you enjoyed this post and I’d be happy to follow your blog if I’m not already and send a couple of likes your way 😉

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