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The time for inheriting skills has come!


As previously stated, Inherit Skill is a new feature for Fire Emblem Heroes (now properly implanted) that allows your Heroes to receive skills from other Heroes. Skills that can soon turn the tide of battle in your favour and up to three skills can be learned from one Hero.


They can even learn skills that the source Hero has yet to learn, but inheriting them isn’t enough. Once a skill is inherited, it needs to be unlocked and the only way to do this is the same way all skills are unlocked except inherited skills require 1.5x the normal amount. Do bear in mind though that when you use a Hero with skills you wish to pass over to your desired Hero, you will lose the source Hero.

It is also planned that just as soon as update version 1.2.0 rolls out, it will also be possible to inherit skills that “were previously inherited when using Merge Allies.” But until that update is out, it is not worth merging allies.


Official details regarding all of this can be seen right here: 


Source: Fire Emblem Heroes (Mobile app)

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