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In more Fire Emblem Heroes related news, it’s time to talk about the Prince vs Princess Voting Gauntlet!


Fire Emblem Heroes’ latest event has only been available for the last 26 hours and already players have earned a collective 6,089,630,753 points, which of course means we’ll all now be able to lay claim to the 10 Orbs and 5 of each Great Badge rewards we’re entitled to for surpassing the previous highest goal post! Or we can stay the course and keep going as additional goals have been added and with them are additional rewards. Rewards such as 20 Orbs, 5 of each Great Badge and 5000 Universal Crystals.


The full announcement and previous goals can be seen right here!


(Previous Goals:)


Given as how we’re already over half way in over a day, it would be foolish for us to stop now. Especially when there are 20 Orbs on the line, Orbs that can be used to summon five new Heroes. So don’t delay and play today!



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