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*Spoiler Warning! The subject matter of this video and associated article, is not something you should read/watch should you wish to avoid any kind of Breath of the Wild related Spoiler.


While the Hylian Shield and Master Sword have not appeared in every Zelda game going, they have made an appearance in plenty of the home console titles and obviously Nintendo decided Breath of the Wild needs the Hylian Shield as they have gone ahead and included it in the new console title, as well as Epona and the Master Sword, which we already know for a fact is in it.


But because the shield is in the game and Zelda fans the world over are getting their hands on it, videos of the new title are constantly being uploaded to YouTube and among is the video we’re sharing today that will show players how to get both the Hylian Shield and the Master Sword in Breath of the Wild and a lot of story related spoilers and discussion as well, so only watch if you really want to,

While we have no desires to share every Breath of the Wild video on our site, we will be sharing a select few from time to time, so as to leave plenty of surprise for our readers why they play the game, but if there is a particular video of something you would like us to share, say “How to find all Greats Fairies” or even the Dark Link tunic in Breath of the Wild, feel free to comment them below and we’ll be happy to oblige!


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