Link Breath of the Wild Amiibo Review

Kuribo reviews one of the most anticipated Amiibo in quite some time. Is Archer Link worthy of your shelf? Find out in the newest review!

After a long week of work, I looked forward to picking up some of the new Zelda Amiibo to review here on the site.  I work close to a Best Buy and a Target so I figured Best Buy would have all of the Amiibo I needed. To my surprise, they were almost completely wiped out of Zelda Amiibo.  A single Guardian and a single Bokoblin was all that was left!  Since I figured many of you would be interested in a Guardian review, I purchased it and worried that maybe the Zelda Amiibo would not be so easy to get on release day.  Fortunately, Target had nearly all of the Amiibo and they were well-stocked too.  I now assume that the Zelda Amiibo should be easy to get since they are supporting a huge game release but your experiences may vary depending on where you shop.  Hoefully, this brief…

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A Fairly Important #SwitchWeek Announcement

If you have been following our website during the last 7 days, then you’ll be well aware that this week we’ve been hosting #SwitchWeek and today is the day it comes to an end, so we felt it was best if we made a little announcement. Continue reading A Fairly Important #SwitchWeek Announcement

[Update] Online Friend Support is Coming to FAST RMX!

FAST RMX has only available as a digital title on the Nintendo Switch for a couple of days and already a new update has been revealed for the title.

While it is not available now, Shin’en Multimedia have stated on Twitter that the update is coming soon and that it will consist of Time Attack and Online Friend Support, and already the fan reaction to this announcement has been incredibly well received.  Continue reading [Update] Online Friend Support is Coming to FAST RMX!

Tetris Battle Gaiden Review

Wizard Dojo looks at one of the most obscure – and best – puzzle games on the SNES.

Wizard Dojo

Tetris Battle Gaiden

Sometimes, the simplest video games are the best ones. Look no further for a testament to this than Tetris, the original falling-block puzzler which remains one of the most timeless classics in the medium. Tetris is essentially perfect as is, but its iconic status (as well as its simple formula) also means that other games have tried to put their own spin on its gameplay. One of the better of these Tetris spinoffs is also one of the most obscure, and comes in the form of Tetris Battle Gaiden, a puzzle game released exclusively on the Japanese Super Nintendo, the Super Famicom.

This Japan exclusive, released in 1993, features the same addicting gameplay as the perennial classic, with the same exact block shapes that the players must construct in such a way as to complete a row, which eliminates those blocks and prevents them from stacking too high. If the blocks…

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The Miketendo64 #SwitchWeek Most Wanted Countdown! (In at #1, it’s The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild)

It’s #SwitchWeek and like we promised, after coming together to compile a list of the collective 7 games we’re looking forwards to most on Switch, by submitting five choices of our own, we are ready to reveal on a daily basis our least anticipated game, to our most excited title! (I wonder what number 1 will be?) Continue reading The Miketendo64 #SwitchWeek Most Wanted Countdown! (In at #1, it’s The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild)

[Review] Satisfying the Itch with Nintendo Switch

We thank you Nintendo for this gift we have received!


Saturu Iwata, may he rest in peace, had a dream and that dream was the Nintendo Switch. A console that could offer the home console experience, but can be played anywhere, at any time, with anyone, for any reason and that dream has become a reality! A reality that is in the hands of many of our readers and gamers across the globe, but with many without the console, wondering if it is any good and lives up to the hype, then this review is for you. Continue reading [Review] Satisfying the Itch with Nintendo Switch

The Weekly Wizard: Issue #7: Gone Switching

Welcome back to the Weekly Wizard, the segment of Miketendo64 brought to you by Wizard Dojo – and the vile creature who runs it – where I talk about recent goings-on with Nintendo, or look back at events from its history. Continue reading The Weekly Wizard: Issue #7: Gone Switching