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The biggest thing with regards to My Nintendo that always annoyed me, was the fact that every time I buy a physical title, I’m not rewarded for it.

I don’t buy digital games because I despise them, I just don’t buy them purely because I like to be able to look at the box art. I enjoy taking the cart/disc out of its box and putting it into my console/handheld. You don’t get that feeling when you buy a digital title and because of that, I didn’t rack up many Gold Points with My Nintendo, but that has now changed.

If you buy a physical Switch title and register it to your console, you can now earn Gold Points for My Nintendo, and the more expensive the game, the more points you will earn. Only thing is though, compared to the points you would get if you brought digitally from the eShop, the points for buying are next to nothing, which in my opinion sucks. It feels like they are finally giving us what we want with one hand, whilst slapping us in the fact with the other, but it is what it is.

There is no changing it and at least some Switch rewards are to be added very soon, so that will distract us from our stinging cheeks for a bit and if you think I’m being over the top, please feel free to comment as such in the comment section below;

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  • Interesting concept here! I like how Nintendo is trying to find ways for people to buy physical copies of games through rewards.

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