The Miketendo64 #SwitchWeek Most Wanted Countdown! (In at #4, it’s Shovel Knight: Specter of Torment)

It’s #SwitchWeek and like we promised, after coming together to compile a list of the collective 7 games we’re looking forwards to most on Switch, by submitting five choices of our own, we are ready to reveal on a daily basis our least anticipated game, to our most excited title! (I wonder what number 1 will be?)

It is time to reveal our #4 title and it is of course the long awaited Shovel Knight: Specter of Torment campaign. It looks good. It plays great and it’s a full game in its own right and tomorrow it is available as an eShop launch title for the Nintendo Switch and I just can’t wait for it. So yes, of course the new campaign from Yacht Club Games made it onto the list, but it is the last of the indie games that did make it into our list of 7 most anticipated games, so from here on out, first party games dominate the rest of the list!

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Please join us tomorrow for more #SwitchWeek fun and to find out which game stole the #3 place! I bet you can’t guess what it is!


More Ways to Add Friends on Switch are Coming, But for Now Friend Codes is the Way to do It!

It was said the Nintendo Switch wouldn’t have Friend Codes, but what do you know, it actually does!

For anyone who is looking to add friends tomorrow, instead of playing Breath of the Wild after setting up your brand new Switch, you can. So if you and a friend both buy a Switch, you will be able to add your pal by entering their Friend Code. You can also add friends by searching locally as well, the story doesn’t end here. Polygon got in touch with Nintendo regarding this, and the response they got was rather illuminating! Continue reading More Ways to Add Friends on Switch are Coming, But for Now Friend Codes is the Way to do It!

Buying Physical Games Finally Pays off with My Nintendo

The biggest thing with regards to My Nintendo that always annoyed me, was the fact that every time I buy a physical title, I’m not rewarded for it.

I don’t buy digital games because I despise them, I just don’t buy them purely because I like to be able to look at the box art. I enjoy taking the cart/disc out of its box and putting it into my console/handheld. You don’t get that feeling when you buy a digital title and because of that, I didn’t rack up many Gold Points with My Nintendo, but that has now changed.

If you buy a physical Switch title and register it to your console, you can now earn Gold Points for My Nintendo, and the more expensive the game, the more points you will earn. Only thing is though, compared to the points you would get if you brought digitally from the eShop, the points for buying are next to nothing, which in my opinion sucks. It feels like they are finally giving us what we want with one hand, whilst slapping us in the fact with the other, but it is what it is.

There is no changing it and at least some Switch rewards are to be added very soon, so that will distract us from our stinging cheeks for a bit and if you think I’m being over the top, please feel free to comment as such in the comment section below;

Source: My Nintendo (Missions)

Demos for the Nintendo Switch Do not Have any Play Limits

Sometimes the best way to know if a game is worth purchasing, is to try it out and this can be done a number of ways. You attend an event where the game is playable, you borrow it from a friend, or you download and play a demo of it.

On the Wii U and the 3DS, tons of games had playable demos and those demos had play restrictions. Some only let you fire them up 30 times and some you could only play for 30 minutes, but as far as the Switch is concerned, there are no play limits. If you want to play a demo, you can play that demo as much as you want, there is almost nothing to stop you. So get ready to play that Snipperclips – cut it out, together! demo to your heart’s content. Demos don’t ask which user account you want to use either.

Source: @VOOK64 (Twitter)

Official Patch Notes on Nintendo Switch’s Day 1 Update & New Feature

A little while ago we posted about the Version 2.0.0 update for Nintendo Switch is now live and with it, official details and patch notes are also live, over on a Switch Launch FAQ on the Japanese Nintendo site. Below you can find the Perfectly Nintendo translated details on the update:

*Update should only take 10-20 minutes to download:

  • Ability to connect to the internet via Wifi hotspots that require authentication.

  • Post screenshots on social media.

  • Get news via the News feature.

  • Access the Nintendo eShop; play online,

  • Link a Nintendo Account to the console.

  • Use the Parental Controls app.

  • Redeem retail games on My Nintendo

But that’s not all, there is also a new auto TV turn on feature enabled as well, which apparently allows your TV to turn on automatically when you insert the Switch into its dock, but the TV does need to be in Standby mode for this to work, should you enable the feature. However, the feature may not work for all TVs so the only way to know if it works for yours, is to try it. Good luck!

Source: Perfectly Nintendo

[Video] *SPOILER* How to amiibo Unlock Epona in Breath of the Wild

*Spoiler Warning! The subject matter of this video and associated article, is not something you should read/watch should you wish to avoid any kind of Breath of the Wild related Spoiler.

Since Aonuma said Epona is in Breath of the Wild, we have all been wondering how it is we would encounter Link’s trusted steed and what must happen to make it so. Well, Eurogamer have made a fascinating discovery and that is the fact that the Super Smash Bros. Link amiibo can in fact be used to summon the horse in Breath of the Wild and if you have the time to spare, the can see a video of this discovery in action:

Unfortunately, right now this is the only known means of encountering Epona in the new title, but since amiibo in Breath of the Wild are meant to add to the experience and help players get some cool items and weapons, there is a good chance there is a natural way of finding Epona that doesn’t involve amiibo.

Epona Horse Of Legend.png

Source: Eurogamer (YouTube)

[Random] Breath of the Wild Switch Cart vs Wii U Disc

We’ve seen the box art for both games and we’ve even seen what the Breath of the Wild Switch cartridge looks like, but until today, we have never seen what the Wii U disc of Breath of the Wild looks like and I tell you know, it is a beautiful masterpiece. A masterpiece you can now see for yourself right here: It goes without saying, the Wii U wins this round.


Source: @stephentotilo (Twitter)

[Video] How to Attach and Detach the Switch’s Joy-Con Controllers

Is releasing the Joy-Con Controllers from the Nintendo Switch a simple affair? Why yes it is, but should you feel you need a lesson in how to do it, Nintendo have put out a new video that demonstrates attaching and detaching the Joy-Con and you can see it here:

Source: Nintendo (YouTube)

[Update] Nintendo Switch’s Day 1 Version 2.0.0 Update is Live

[Update] Nintendo Switch’s Day 1 Version 2.0.0 Update is Live

As previously stated, the Nintendo Switch is to have a huge update Day 1. Well that update is out already!

It is fast and easy to download, something new Switch owners can do in the background tomorrow, but now with the update in effect, those with the console now (reviewers, influencers and some gamers in Australia,) can now properly access the eShop, play online and even earn Gold Points for My Nintendo for retail releases. (More on this shortly.)

Source: Nintendo Everything

Switch Games Save Directly to System Memory and Can Not Currently be Transferred

Today is a huge Switch news day as more and more information floods the internet and in this particular piece, we’re talking Game Saves.

Now, please don’t take this the wrong way, as it will infuriate some of us, but all Switch games saves are saved directly to the console’s system memory and right now, they can not be transferred in anyway. What this means is, if you buy a Switch tomorrow, play Breath of the Wild on it and then a few months down the line, buy another Switch, all your save date will be on the original Switch you purchased.

Good news though, screenshots and downloaded games can be deleted and moved from the system to the microSD cards, but this is done though Data Management, so at least that’s something.

Source: IGN

[Update] Breath of the Wild Receives its First Update (Version 1.1.0)

While Breath of the Wild may not be in the hands of the general public just yet, (in most places) it is in the hands of various reviewers, influences and Australian gamers and so, in preparation of the Expansion Pass that can be purchased tomorrow, a new update has rolled out for Breath of the Wild.


The update is small in size and enables Breath of the Wild to be downloadable content compatible and will show as such on the main menu of the game, but until tomorrow, nothing shows up when players click on it. It is also currently unknown if the game has been affected in any other way, such as bug fixes and the like, but should official patch notes come to light, we will be back with an update.

Source: @VOOK64 (Twitter)

[Guide] What You Can Expect from the eShop for Switch Launch in Europe

Live in Europe and buying a Nintendo Switch? If your answer is yes, then this article is the one for you as, with a little help thanks to half the work being done for us already, we have compiled a complete guide/list of games that you can expect to buy, along with dlc. Let’s dive right in:

Launch Day Available Physical Titles:

  • The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – €69.99

  • 1-2 Switch – €49.99

  • Just Dance 2017 – €59.99

  • Super Bomberman R – €49.99

  • Skylanders Imaginators – €59.99

Launch Day Available Digital Titles from the eShop:

  • The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – €69.99

  • 1-2 Switch – €49.99

  • Just Dance 2017 – €59.99

  • Super Bomberman R – €49.99

  • Skylanders Imaginators – €59.99

  • FAST RMX – €19.99

  • I Am Setsuna – €39.9

  • Shovel Knight: Spector of Torment – €9.99

  • Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove – €24.99






  • Othello – €4.99

  • New Frontier Days ~Founding Pioneers~ – €9.99

  • VOEZ – €20.99

  • Vroom in the Night Sky – €8.99

Launch Day Available Demo from the eShop:

  • Snipperclips – Cut it out, together! (There are no play restrictions)

Launch Day Available DLC from the eShop:

  • The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild: Expansion Pass – €19.99

  • Just Dance: Just Dance Unlimited 1 Day – €3.99

  • Just Dance: Just Dance Unlimited 30 Days – €4.99

  • Just Dance: Just Dance Unlimited 90 Days – €9.99

  • Just Dance: Just Dance Unlimited 365 Days – €29.99

We hope you found our little guide helpful!

[Update] New Figures & Alterations (Pokémon Duel Version 3.0.3)

Version 3.0.3 of Pokémon Duel is available now and for players needing a reminder with regards to the four Pokémon who just saw some alterations, here is that reminder:


  • Ability – Charizard gets the ability Speed Booster which increases its Movement by 1 if it has evolved.

  • Move Iron Tail is changed to Dragon Tail.


  • Power of Dragon Breath increased from 80 to 100.

  • Power of Land’s Wrath increased from 60 to 70.


  • Ability – Metgross gets the ability Rapid Calculation which ignores ability-forced respin effects.

  • Power of Metal Claw increased from 80 to 90.


  • Ability – Tyranitar gains the new ability Speed Booster.

  • Earthquake piece size increased.

  • Power of Bite increased from 40 to 50.

  • Position of Earthquake and Crunch swapped.

  • Size of Miss piece reduced.

As well as the changes to the above Pokémon, there are of course other changes. 11 new figures have been added to Boosters, there are two new EX figures, which consists of Zekrom and Reshiram, two Rare figures that consist of Flygon and Whimsicott. Then of course there’s Gothita and Solosis who have been added as new UC ifgures and two new plates that focus on Zygarde, Zekrom and Reshiram. Lastly an Orange Time Booster has will appear through League Matches until the 14th of March and it is guaranteed to “hold Fairy-type or Dragon-type Pokémon.”


Dr. Mario 64 Review

Revisiting one of the last notable N64 games.

Wizard Dojo

Dr. Mario 64

Dr. Mario was one of Mario’s earlier forays in branching out to genres outside of the platformer, and remains a fun and addictive puzzle game to this day. In 2001, as the Nintendo 64 was coming to a close and the GameCube was readying its way to store shelves, Nintendo released a relatively obscure entry in the Dr. Mario series as part of the Nintendo 64’s last breath titled (what else?) Dr. Mario 64. Though Dr. Mario 64 retains the fun of the series, its lack of newness to the formula may mean you’ll only break it out during parties.

Dr. Mario 64 retains the gameplay of the series: It works like a falling-block game, but instead of blocks, it’s vitamins (or “megavitamins,” as the series calls them). The vitamins are separated in two halves, with either side being red, blue or yellow. Additionally, there are several red, blue and yellow…

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