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The first Grand Hero event is now underway and the terrifyingly powerful foe who wishes to fight us, is none other than Narcian!

Provided you are able to beat the Wyvern General Narcian, you will be able to add him to your team, only beating him is not as simple as it sounds. Why not? Well Grand Hero Battles are categorised under as Special Maps, which means in order to complete the map, there are certain rules that need to be rules followed. Rules that dictate the player must finish the map with a full team (four survivors) and you can’t use a Light’s Blessing (or even an orb) when everyone dies. Meaning you only get one shot at the battle every time you try. Fail to complete the missions and you will have to do it all again.


Just like the other Special Maps, that allow you to attempt to get a new character every day (also known as Hero Battles and today’s Hero is Felicia,) there are two battles to try your hand at. A Normal mode that requires 5 Stamina and a Hard mode that requires 15. But unlike the daily Special Maps, Narcian and his Special Map will be sticking around a little longer as we have until 07:59 a.m. UTC+1 on the 14th of February. Beating him on Normal mode will allow you to win a 2 Narcian, whereas beating him on hard (along with all his friends,) will give you a 3 Narcian.


And since Miketendo64 is not the kind of site that likes to skimp on details, here’s the official information on Grand Hero Battles, (which I pretty much covered myself in the paragraphs above, but here it is again for the sake of repetition:)


What are Grand Hero Battles?:

“These are special extremely challenging Hero Battles. By clearing the map you will gain the enemy Hero as your ally. As with other Hero Battles, if any of your allies fall in battle, it’s game over, so proceed with caution.

Grand Hero Battles also have a special rule: you cannot use a Light’s Blessing or an Orb to continue a battle if you lose, so make your moves on the field very carefully!

Look for golden banners to attempt Grand Hero Battles. Clear one on Normal to get a 2Narcian. Clear one on Hard to get a 3Narcian. Just make sure you’re fully prepared before you go into these battles!”


And just in case after reading all of that, you are wondering if Narcian is worth getting after all, here is his Fire Emblem Heroes write-up, complete with the skills he can learn:


Narcian: Wyvern General:

“One of three Wyvern Generals of Bern. Conceited and vainglorious. Appears in Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade.”


Skills Learnable at 5★:


I hope you found all this information useful and have great success at trying your hand at this special event! Narcian awaits!


Source: Fire Emblem Heroes (in-game Notification)

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