Videogame Clocks Skins Available For Rainmeter (Desktop)

If you enjoy customizing your PC desktop with your favourite videogame characters including Super Mario, Sonic, Donkey Kong or Link from The Legend Of Zelda, you may be happy to know that by using Rainmeter you can change the clock Skin to include some of your favourite characters to give the on screen clock a personality. There are many skins to choose from but the guy behind these skins is none other than The WolfBunny. He has over 40 different skins to choose from and they can be downloaded directly from his Deviant Art Page here.

If you don’t have Rainmeter but would like to download it, you can find it via this websiteWe have also been informed that The WolfBunny will continue to add custom clocks to his webpage.

Thank You Patrick for the tip!

Source: The WolfBunny (Deviant Art)


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