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The first Global Mission for Pokémon Sun & Moon may have ended in failure, but that won’t stop the folks over at Game Freak from doing another one.

In fact the second Global Mission is set to begin tomorrow (December the 27th) and instead of a huge target for us to hit, Game Freak and Nintendo have set the bar much lower. Instead of having to collectively capture 100,000,000 million Pokémon, this time we have from December 27th to January the 9th 2017, to collectively defeat or catch 1 million Island Scan Pokémon.

 Should this goal be reached, all participating players will earn 2,017 Friend Coins, but if this event also ends in failure, everyone who participates will earn 217 Friend Coins instead. However participating players who have synced their game to the Pokémon Global Link, will earn twice as many Friend Coins, so victory would instead see us walk away with 4,034 Friend Coins, whereas failure will see us earn 434 FC, which in itself is quite the rewards anyway, but does go to show it pays to have a Pokémon Global Link account and sync our game to it.

Given the number of sales this game has had, the number of daily players and a far easier goal post, this should be a Global Mission that ends with success, but in life nothing is certain and Pokémon is no exception, so as long as we all do our part, at least we stand a much better chance than if we did nothing at all.

But instead of just ending this article here, should you be a new player to the Sun and Moon games due to just getting one or both of the Gen 7 titles, or just unware of how Island Scan works, and what Pokémon you can find if you use the Island Scan feature, here’s a video to help you out:

Best of luck Trainers!


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