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Following many conflicting reports of just how many downloads Super Mario Run did receive in its first few days, Nintendo have stepped forward to set the record straight.

App Annie claimed the mobile Mario game sustained over 30 million downloads in the first day, whereas Sensor Tower said it was only 25 million, but according to Nintendo, Super Mario Run was downloaded over 40 million times during the first 96 hours since it launched, but that’s not all. Nintendo reported that that game is classed as a top-ranking free game on the App Store in 140 countries and that it is in the Top 10 highest grossing app on the App Store in 100 countries.


Furthermore the game has received a new feature as well. A feature that goes by the name of Friendly Run, and if you are someone who has been struggling to beat your opponent in Toad Rally, than this is the mode for you. Friendly Run is a lot like Toad Rally, except instead of playing against the shadow of random players, you can play against a friend’s shadow and should you lose, you haven’t got to worry about losing any of your precious Toads. Friendly Run is free to play, so you haven’t got to worry about spending any Rally Tickets, but just know you won’t be able to keep any coins you collect, or rack up your enemy kill tally.

While some may not like that side of Friendly Run, it is a practise mode that is meant only to help you perfect your skills for next time you play Toad Rally, so actually it is a pretty sweet addition. Although there is a limited number of times you can play it a day, but depending on how well you’ve progressed through the World Tour, the more daily plays you’ll be able to do. To access the new feature, make sure to click on the friends icon when in-game.


However, should our little explanation not be clear enough, here’s a bunch of official screenshots to better explain it:


But 40 million downloads, that is an impressive feat for this mobile Mario adventure, makes me wonder how many downloads it would have had, had it come to Android devices at the same time.



Source: Nintendo & Super Mario Run (In-game App Notification)

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