Super Mario Run Downloaded 5 Million Times On First Day According To Sensor Tower. Estimates $5 million First Day Revenue

Sensor Tower has been crunching the numbers for Nintendo’s Mobile App Super Mario Run. Their Analysis shows that on it’s first day of launch, Super Mario Run was downloaded 5 million times beating the likes of Pokémon Go & Clash Royale for first day downloads. It also generated a revenue of $5 million for first day gross sales, further beating Pokémon Go Clash Royal.


Bear in mind, even though Super Mario Run was only launched on Apple devices, it was released in 150 or so countries simultaneously, giving it a better chance to beat Pokémon Go for first day downloads and revenue.

Where Super Mario Run failed to shine was on average time spent on app which was only 16 minutes compared to Clash Royale’s 28 minutes and Pokémon GO’s 22 minutes.

You can check out the full report from Sensor Tower here.

Source: Sensor Tower




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