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Since the launch of Super Mario Run on iOS devices, My Nintendo have launched game specific rewards in which you can redeem for the Mobile app. Along with the Mario Run Platinum Points, you can also use you My Nintendo Platinum points. Miitomo Points are not usable so if you already have a load saved up, they are redundant for Super Mario Run. You can use Platinum points to purchase in-game items like coins or objects to build up your personalized Mushroom kingdom. Toad is also a reward and best of all, is free so you don’t have to use any coins at all to get a new character for the game. Here are a list of Rewards for the game.

  • Toad= 0 points
  • 1000 coins= 60 points
  • 2000 coins= 100 points
  • 3000 coins= 140 points
  • 5 Toad Rally Tickets= 150 points
  • 10 Toad Rally Tickets= 250 points
  • White Flower Patch= 30 points
  • Block E= 100 points
  • Gold Mario Statue= 300 points

Source: My Nintendo

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