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Ever hear about the time where Nintendo presented a free New Nintendo 3DS XL to the passages of a Southwest Airlines flight? Because that is exactly what has happened Wednesday!

As part of a “Say Yes to the Nintendo 3DS” campaign, which is to run from December 16th through to the 14th of January, Nintendo have joined forces with Southwest Airlines and today passengers aboard one particular flight, each got a brand new New Nintendo 3DS XL, along with a voucher for Super Mario Maker for 3DS.  There was even YouTuber iJustine, Nintendo staff on hand to assist passengers with creating levels for Super Mario Maker and a Mario waiting at the gate to greet passengers, when the plane touched down. Talk about a flight to remember.

As for the actual campaign, it is open to all U.S. residents who are over the age of 14 years of age, walk away with all kinds of Nintendo related prizes. But the big prize, well that’s just something very special indeed, although it is not a Nintendo Switch, it is a trip to New York for up to four people, a four night hotel stay, a personal shopping spree at the Nintendo NY store and roundtrip air travel on Southwest.


For any U.S. residents reading this, wanting to try their luck, be sure to use the link below to fill out a registration form:


*Be sure to fill it out during the duration of the promotion (December 16th 2016 – January 14th 2017)

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  • That is an awesome PR campaign! I like how they took their campaign ‘Sky high’, but I would be more interested in the Mile High Club, if you catch my drift 😉

    • Haha! I doubt that Nintendo would dress their PR team like Nintendo characters just so happy passengers could get lucky with a Princess or a moustachioed plumber in an airplane 😉

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