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Nintendo has set the date and time for the big Nintendo Switch Reveal Presentation, Jan 12 for the United States/Jan 13 For UK & Europe. The Respective times are 8pm PT/ 11pm ET/ 4am GMT / 5am EST.

For those in western Europe, it seems like an extremely early start but it is likely that it is so the Japan-held event can get underway and so that the US and EU events can squeeze in as many people getting hands-on with the Nintendo Switch as possible.


This Presentation should reveal more on whether the console has multi-touch screen, more hardware details, pricing, a more exact release date and most importantly, what it’s launch lineup of game titles will be. Here’s hoping we will see exclusive content to the Splatoon & Mario Kart 8 Port we saw in the Switch Reveal trailer.

We may even get more Zelda footage or details as to when the game will be coming to the Switch though I think it is more likely that Nintendo will focus on a game we only got a glimpse at in the reveal trailer, a New Super Mario Game.

Will you be tuning in to see the presentation? You can watch it at

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