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Now the the hype of seeing the Nintendo Switch Trailer has subsided, we can now start to see some of the cracks that we glided over due to our excitement of watching the video. Some actors of the commercial have admitted that they were told the name and core concept but were not actually playing the games and that the videogame footage we have seen in the trailer was added post-production. Evidence of this which you can see in our feature image (by @NWPlayer123) shows the videogame footage overlap the woman’s arm.

It is a minute mistake and is only visible for half a second, but nonetheless it is evident. If you watch the trailer again, you will noticed that there are very few scenes where the actors hands and the videogame footage are shown at the same time, there is very little movement or button pressing if any at all. Nintendo also gave a statement to Eurogamer about this matter.

“This video is all about explaining how the Nintendo Switch works. We wanted to convey in a self-contained video how Nintendo Switch represents a new era for video game systems enjoyed in front of a TV, by letting gamers play anywhere, anytime, with anyone they choose. It adds the mobility of a portable system to the power of a home gaming system.

At a later date, before the March launch, we’ll be talking about things like exact launch date, and of course, the games. You shouldn’t assume what you saw on the video represents actual game footage and further specifics on first-party games will be provided later.”

Source: Nintendo Life

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