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Even though the Nintendo Switch reveal trailer seemed very short, it spoke volumes of what we may expect for this new console. I will be doing a series of posts dedicated to analyzing the Switch Reveal trailer to give a breakdown on what actually was revealed. To start off we will be analyzing Splatoon on the Nintendo Switch.

What we saw in the trailer shows that Splatoon may just well be supported and shows it being played in an e-Sport tournament setting which suggests that it will support online multiplayer. It is not clear whether Splatoon on the Switch is a port or Sequel but I believe that it would be a port of the original Wii U game.

There is also evidence that seems to point at being able to customize hair styles as well along with head gear and the like. There also seems to be new weapons as well.

I would like to get back to the multiplayer of this game which something was overlooked in the trailer, the battle dojo, which in the Wii U version, was a 2-player multiplayer in which one player used the gamepad and the other used the TV. Seeing as the Switch plugs into the docking station for it to project to the TV, this rules out the two separate screens for multiplayer and would either point towards Split screen multiplayer or another Switch device for a separate screen. I see the latter being the case as it will be difficult to use stealth tactics on the same screen as your opponent.

Well, I think that covers my analysis on Splatoon for the Nintendo Switch. Be sure to check back as we analyze Mario Kart and the inclusion of King Boo and more.

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