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As Nintendo remain complete radio silence as regards to their upcoming console, codenamed “NX,” it seems the rumour mill is still churning away and supposed details about its Marketing, Packaging and Features have slipped out online via Reddit which claims their source works for a large Retail Company and has a verified position in the company that gives him access to such information. However, even the most elaborate hoax can seem completely real (remember that 3D printed “NX” controller from a few months ago?), so take the following information with a pinch of salt as Nintendo have neither confirmed or denied these details to be true.


  • “Interact with games on the go” is apparently a key marketing phrase, seen on a poster. We’ve heard of similar phrasing (focused on playing games on the go, rather than ‘interacting’) as a promotional message for the system.
  • Mario launch title reportedly prominent on early ‘posters’.
  • At least four games ‘on deck’ for launch, presumably meaning high-profile titles to push day one sales.
  • Demo units expected in stores in February.
  • Base price of $299.99, it seems.
  • Bundle expected but content is unclear, potential price of $399.99.


  • Packaging described as ‘clean and simple’, slightly bigger box than for Wii U.
  • Colour scheme on packaging said to be white and blue.
  • Packaging says NX but may be placeholder, as art / images of the system were redacted / blurred out.


  • Games will be on cartridges
  • ‘4K streaming’ mentioned, but the sense is that this’ll refer to supporting 4K in apps like Netflix. Certainly conceivable, as the Xbox One S already supports this without the specification bump seen with the PS4 Pro.
  • 1080p and 60fps reportedly a focus in promoting gameplay. Less verification has been obtained on talk of the hybrid / portable aspect running at 900p; that’s certainly something that we’ve heard in relatively loose talk.

Whether this holds true or not remains to be seen but it does seem to have a lot of optimistic specs that could make it a more appealing console than that of the Wii U (even though I am one of the few that loves their Wii U). However, this could be just placeholder details or metaphorically, “kindling” to help keep the NX rumour fire burning. Feel free to let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Are these details definitely 100% accurate? It’s impossible to say, and as always even verified sources that inspire confidence may have seen old or placeholder information. There are interesting details nonetheless, certainly enough to get us thinking about NX yet again.

Source: Reddit

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