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It’s been a while since the last SpotPass gift for Hyrule Warriors Legends and now that the third dlc pack is out (Phantom Hourglass & Spirit Tracks,) a new gift is rolling out to 3DS’ around the globe now. 

So just what did we get this time? Well firstly we get 1 million rupees and we also get the following Fairy Food:


5 Delicious Life Tree Fruit

5 Delicious Light Fruit

5 Delicious Stamina Fruit

5 Delicious Water Fruit


You should be able to fire up your 3DS now and collect the goodies, but if for some reason you have yet to receive the SpotPass gift, it is on its way, it just hasn’t made its way to you yet. Just means you have to be a little patient and try again in an hour or two.



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