Ever Oasis: More Info Revealed 

September 1, 2016 5:31 pm Published by 2 Comments

A lot of gamers are very excited for Ever Oasis on 3DS, set for release in 2017. We didn’t get an exact release date today on the Nintendo Direct. 

But we did get more gameplay footage and info. 

Travelers can visit your oasis and they may even move in as your oasis expands and blossoms. 

Mii’s can also visit as a guest. 

We also saw today that when you go on quests to dungeons it is important to think about who to take with you. As the characters have different attributes and abilities that can help or hinder your quest. And there will be puzzles to solve in the dungeons that sometimes involve you working as a team.

Fantasy Life fans should feel right at home with this game. As there are certain similarities. 

The developing your oasis part of the game also reminds me a little of Animal Crossing and Harvest Moon games too. 

I have high hopes for this game that seems to include lots of different aspects to it. 

Victoria (HGN)


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