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We have not finished with the August edition and there are already leaks on the details within the September edition of CoroCoro. These new leaks come with more new Pokémon including a pre-evolution for Bewear and a Sea Cucumber that can punch it´s opponents with it’s fist shaped organ that comes from it’s mouth. We have provide the images below in a slide show so you can view them for yourself (courtesy of Poké

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The latest details revealed:

  • Namakobushi (sea cucumber & fist) It uses fist-shaped organs which come out of its mouth to punch!
  • Yowashi (weak sardine) is a new Water-Type Pokémon that calls on its friends to change form
  • Sunabaa (sand + boo) and its evolution Shirodesuna (name literally means it’s a castle, isn’t it?) are Ghost/Ground-Type Pokémon
  • Nuikoguma (plush/sewn + cub) is Bewear’s pre evolution and is Normal/Fighting
  • Alolan Meowth confirmed and becomes Dark-Type
  • Alolan Marowak confirmed and will be Fire/Ghost
  • Evil Team is known as Team Skull, they are described as “the no-good Team Skull”. They’re described as hoodlums and you can see the Boss featured in the magazine
  • Serebii is reporting that next month’s issue will feature a “secret evolution” for Rockruff


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