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CEO of Niantic John Hanke has stated that he would like Pokemon Go to eventually be released in around 200 different regions around the world. He digressed that it took the company’s other game Ingress about 2 months before it could reach that goal but didn’t say anything about how long Pokemon Go would take to reach a similar goal or the timeframe for Pokemon Go’s Releases across regions. The company is currently putting their focus into reinforcing the servers so that they can deal with the current popularity of Pokemon Go and for any future influxes as the app continues to roll out.

Hanke made note that some regions pose some difficulties for release including South Korea and China. Due to concerns with security with North Korea, South Korea has limits on Google’s Mapping functionality. Hanke states that there are “solutions to that.” China on the other hand has many regulations that Niantic will have to deal with before they can release Pokemon Go in the country.

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