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A trademark for Pokémon GO may have been filed in in China recently, but it isn’t China that was just revealed to be the country to see the latest Pokémon GO released, but the United Kingdom.

As stated in the tweet above, Pokémon GO is now available on both the Google Play Store and iTunes, so if you are a UK resident who refused to play the app prior to its official release in your home nation, well now you can. If you ready to catch them all and be the very best, now is your time to shine. For anyone not in the UK, it seems Niantic are slowly releasing the app on a daily basis, but in no way should you take that for definite that there will be another release tomorrow. I’m not saying there won’t be, but with both Germany and the United Kingdom now adding to the servers, Niantic might just want a day or two to assess the condition of the servers before releasing in another country.


And now that today’s news is out of the way, it’s now time to go over latest Pokémon GO rumour, which concerns the Pokémon GO Plus. On Amazon Japan, it was briefly shown that the Pokémon GO accessory was due to release on the 29th of July, but now that listing has vanished altogether and Amazon, Nintendo and The Pokémon Company all refuse to comment on this. However that being said, it was Miyamoto who revealed the release date for the accessory to come out nearer to the end of the month, so July 29th does go hand in hand with that, so either for now they want to keep the release date a secret for now, or they have other reasons such as the wrong date was posted, or they want more time on it. We’ll find out soon enough.


Source: @PokemonGoApp (Twitter)

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