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It is July the 14th and the NicoNico live stream is over, which means the new fighter to be added to Pokkén Tournament next week, along with Braixen, Garchomp and Shadow Mewtwo, has been revealed and it is Darkrai!


There has yet to be any mention If Darkrai will also be headed to the Wii U version, but it is certainly more than likely, even if Wii U owners find themselves having to wait for him just that little longer, but just by going what we’ve seen in both official footage from Bandai Namco and the footage we have to share, Darkrai is something of a bad arse and now you can see for yourself.

Still it’s not all Darkrai and other fighters headed to the arcade on the 20th but stages from the Wii U version, new clothing items and a new mode entitled “Mission Panel,” where if you achieve certain mission objectives within a period of time, you will be able to unlock various boosts and updates, so if you Pokkén Tournament is available at an arcade near you, you might just want to check it out next week for yourself because Darkrai will be ready to battle and you could be the trainer to lead him to victory.


Source: Bandai Namco (YouTube)

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