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For those of you that want To get your hands on Pokemon GO! You now can the apk via an external download window which you can find here. (Be advised, we are not responsible for  any potential risks or for those who choose to download the apk, as we are only providing the link under the freedom of information act. )

You will have to deactivate the “block external downloads” in settings and after that, away you go.

Will you be downloaded Pokemon Go via external apks or will you be waiting for when it officially comes out in the I store and Google Play? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • I’ll wait til it’s officially out, but it’s amazing how fast this is spreading. Just this morning a co-worker let me know about this and that a friend of hers has already been playing it quite a bit. We’re going to wait, but it definitely shows how dedicated the Pokemon fans are!

    • It definitely has a lot fans lining up to play it. I do find it quite admirable how many fans have chosen to wait for the official release rather than risk bricking their phone with an illegal apk. Good things come to those who wait and this time is no exception.

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