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The Pokemon Company’s senior director of consumer marketing, J.C Smith says that Pokemon GO is taking a different approach and is not aiming to recreate the experience that we’re accustomed to with the main games.

In a recent interview with Polygon, Smith said:

“We’re not trying to recreate the video game experience. What we wanted to do with the mobile game from both sides — from Niantic as well as Pokémon — was, we wanted to make a new experience that was native to mobile.”

The CEO of Niantic Labs, John Hanke, also digressed what the team is expecting to achieve with Pokemon GO. He highlighted how important accessibility was for both newcomers to the series and Pokemon fans that have seen the same formula over and over.

“We’re trying to make the game accessible to a person who doesn’t yet know how much they want to commit to the game, who just wants to explore. That includes not just the Pokémon newbie, but those on the opposite side — a diehard who’s played all of the RPGs but isn’t sure if an augmented reality game that requires them to get up off the couch is really their speed. At the same time, we think that there’s an opportunity to build depth. There’s an emergent complexity that doesn’t hit you over the head at first blush, [from] trying to power up your Pokémon and evolve and ultimately start competing for gyms.”

J.C Smith also talked a little about Pokemon GO Plus Accessory:

“It could be that you’re out walking in the park with friends and meeting friends somewhere, and may not want to interrupt the conversation and break the social dynamic that’s going on [to check Pokémon Go]. With a few clicks of the button, you can harvest items and catch Pokémon and continue to build up progress in the game. In all of those scenarios, it would be really awesome to have a device not to completely replace interacting with the phone, but supplement it.”

John Hanke lastly stated that the primary goal Of Pokemon GO is not about collecting all  Pokemon and that it is still possible “to compete for gyms and progress.”


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