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The Popular Japanese Magazine CoroCoro Ichiban has revealed that the man-made Pokemon Magearna to be sporting an alternate colour palette which more closely resembles the coloring of a Poke Ball. A translation of the text in the magazine can be read below. Thanks goes to Hannes S. for the translation!

Magearna looked different 500 years ago! You are getting this confidential material exclusively in this magazine!

When Magearna was serving the Azoth Kingdom 500 years ago, it seems it had these gorgeous colors and patterns.

Isn’t it surprising it has such a different form from how it appears now? Come witness how amazing it looks in theaters!

Whether or not she will be playable in this colour scheme in Pokemon Sun & Moon remains unseen. Maybe this could be a special form with the use of Mega Evolution stones, a shiny Magearna or maybe it is what Magearna use to look like but after 500 years her paintwork has long since faded away. It could be the case that it may be an exclusive style just for the upcoming movie. I guess we will just have to wait and see what other news pops up in the meantime.




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