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It’s that time again for another video from the notorious Zelda theorist HMK, so strap yourselves in because this is the seventh instalment!


During our last instalment, we shared HMK’s and GameOver Jesse’s predictions on what they feel we can expect to see from Nintendo during E3 this year, which in case you didn’t know, kicks off tomorrow! Both had some interesting predictions which would be great should they be proved true, but we will find out soon enough. So if you haven’t seen their vids, be sure to click here for HMK’s and here for GameOver Jesse’s. For today’s video however, HMK is on hand to provide an analysis of the new artwork we got last night (first leaked by Amazon and then shared by Nintendo.) Now with no further delay, let’s get to it!


(Warning! The following video is an analysis regarding the artwork for Zelda Wii U, by both HMK. All views, opinions and theories expressed here are entirely his own!)

There clearly is a lot going on in this new world that we still know nothing about, but fingers crossed we will know almost everything there is to know before this week is over. Still that castle in the distance though certainly is an interesting aspect to this illustration. If I could know just one thing about this game right now, it would certainly be what is this castle about, but that’s just me.


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