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In an all new episode of Pokénchi, there was some new Sun and Moon footage and although we already saw battling in action with the starters during the reveal footage we got earlier this week, this new clip shows us a little more.


In a battle between Litten and Rowlet, off to the side we can clearly see two spectators watching the ensuring battle, something that will truly make battling in Sun & Moon a whole lot more special, but that’s not all. Even the HP bar is displayed and looks a little different, but in a good way and the same can be said about the shown gender symbol.

Unfortunately, we don’t have a link to the footage shown, yet, but as soon as we do, we’ll be sure to add it to the site. For now, this singular image will have to do.1

What are your first thoughts with regards to the battle system and spectators? With an audience around, Gym Levels are going to be a whole different ball game.



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    *UPDATE: (16/05/16) We now have the Pokénchi. See it here:

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