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A couple of weeks ago Splatoon costumes appeared in Miitomo, Nintendo’s first mobile app and now Miitomo will be the next theme in Splatoon’s  first ever worldwide splatfest. For the first time North American players can play with both Japanese and European players and choose whether to play for Team Fancy Party or Team Costume Party, do you prefer to look smart and snazzy or is cosplaying more your idea of a good time? Let’s just note that almost all Splatfest themes have never really been serious or critically important (Spongebob or Patrick? Really?) but the game is not about seriousness so why should this new theme be any different?


The Splatfest will begin on May 13th 8pm Pacific time (May 14th 3am GMT/4am CET) and end May 15th 3am Pacific time (10am GMT/11am CET

While it’s not one of the Splatfests events we were hoping for, this will be fun regardless. Elegance and class against wild and crazy. Splatfest starts 5/13 at 8 PM PT and ends at 3 AM PT on 5/15.


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