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Hi everyone! So for my first article I thought I’d review a series of games that I’m enjoying at the moment when I never thought I would. The first in the series is Style Boutique for the DS which is fun but very basic and if you’re new to the series you should go ahead and skip that one. More recently New Style Boutique 1 & 2 was released for the 3DS, the second one late last year. Please note this game is known as Style Savvy in the US.


Now I must point out that I am not really girly at all, I’ve always been a tomboy and I thought I would hate these games. But I was pleasantly surprised. I actually started with the NSB2 and having enjoyed it so much I then picked up the other two. In New Style Boutique 1 you start off helping out at a clothes boutique choosing a specific item of clothing or an entire outfit for a customer. You must pay attention to what they request and choose accordingly. If they like it they will buy it. Having impressed the owner so much she then makes you the manager. From then on you continue to serve customers, buy stock from several clothing ranges and later on you can compete in fashion contests and unlock men’s fashion. There is also the option to style your hair and make-up and meet up with the locals.


You can even upload your boutique to the Internet so others can visit. Another good feature is being able to name and remodel your boutique. The game is very fun but it feels a bit more serious than NSB2. New Style Boutique 2 is my favourite from the series. Even though the dialogue is often cheesy it is very fun and addictive and I think that actually adds to the charm. Again you become the owner of the boutique. I find choosing the outfits easier, making money is easier and you can hold more stock than the previous game. Remodelling is much easier and costs nothing which is different from the previous game where you had to pay, you can even choose the music and dress a shop window mannequin.


There is also much more to do than choosing outfits. You can also style the customers hair and make-up yourself this time. The storyline is a bit short but fun, and there’s still plenty to do once that’s been completed. You also have a doll house to decorate by collecting miniature figurines and you can even upload your creation. If someone downloads your room you’ll be a customer in their shop. A big part of the game is starring in catwalk fashion shows. You have to follow the set theme, but later on you can choose the theme. You can choose the stage layout and the aim is to sell all the tickets by pleasing your customers.


Other features are taking on modelling jobs, designing clothes, creating make-up sets and collecting colours for your palette. The only downside is that men’s fashion isn’t unlocked until you complete this game and it’s more of an after thought compared to the previous game. Another game I’m enjoying is Girls Fashion Shoot which isn’t part of this series but has some similarities. You are a model working for a magazine and you will be giving a theme to model for and you also get to design the page for the article. You can also buy new outfits and new poses, style your hair, make-up and nails.


If you like the New Style Boutique games you may like this as well. But there isn’t as much to do. Overall the games are very relaxing and enjoyable for me, and can be quite addictive. The saying don’t judge a book by its cover certainly applies here. Here are my scores:

Style Boutique DS: 6/10

New Style Boutique: 9/10

New Style Boutique 2: 10/10

Girls Fashion Shoot: 7/10


Thanks for reading! -Victoria

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