A new update for Pokken Tournament is now live that fixes various bugs & glitches that were making the game either too easy or too hard depending on your character choice. It is only 14MB to download (to which you will have to be online to do so) and includes alterations like boosting shield when defense is up and weakens shield when defense is down along with various move alterations which can be seen in the table below including the nerfing of Shadow Mewtwo’s almost infinite combo attack and Resphiram’s Blue Flare .

Character Move Alteration Damage
Pikachu Libre Midair Strong Attack Fixes a glitch that causes Pikachu Libre to pass through an opponent that is against the wall No Change
Sceptile Hang Fixes a glitch that causes Sceptile to drop through the floor after using Bullet Seed then Hang No Change
Mewtwo Confusion Harder to hit airborne opponents. Harder to make Critical Hits No Change
Mewtwo Jumping Attack
Midair Strong Attack
Range decreased. Can now be countered No Change
Shadow Mewtwo Miracle Eye In field phase, recharge time has been increased. No Change
Shadow Mewtwo Miracle Eye Alterations Reduces shield damage inflicted No Change
Shadow Mewtwo Side Ranged Attack When activated again while one is in play, the one in play disappears quicker No Change
Shadow Mewtwo Backward Ranged Attack Slight delay between using this move and being able to use Miracle Eye. Cancels running one if another is activated. Miracle Eye altered move has more pushback and can cause phase shift No Change
Reshiram & Cresselia Blue Flare Damage inflicted reduced. No longer takes shield down all the way to red when blocked Max damage reduced from 132 to 102
Espeon & Umbreon Snarl Fixed a glitch that caused the move not to appear if Pachirisu had been used by the opponent None

Source: Serebii.net

By Mike Scorpio

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