British Artist Creates World’s Largest Pokemon Trading Card Mosaic!

British Artist Quentin Devine was commissioned by The Pokemon Company to create a mosaic out of Pokemon Trading Cards. Devine  used 12,987 individual trading cards to create the mosaic which stands at over 71.54 square metres (0ver 10 metres tall and 7 metres wide) and features Pikachu doing the icon pose that was originally designed by GAME FREAK illustrator Ken Sugimori.


Quentin Devine posing in front of the Pikachu Trading Card Mosaic with Yuji Kitano and Atsushi Nagashima.

Surrey born Quentin Devine is also known for other projects including a mosaic of Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa and a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II using just pennies. He also works as an animator and designer. The Official Pokemon Channel on YouTube have posted a montage video of the Mosaic being created. You can watch it via the embeded video below;


Source: Hard Core Gamer



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