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The numbers are in of total units sold of Twilight Princess HD in its first week, courtesy of It seems that it has done reasonably well considering it is a HD remake of the original Gamecube/Wii game. As for the numbers themselves? 670,785 globally which, is not to be sniffed at given the Wii U’s track record with Joe Public. Of course the number of units sold in week two have not been updated yet but it has made a dramatic drop from the initial release sales.

Anyhow, you can check out how well it did it’s first week in the image below.

top 10


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  • That’s great news for Nintendo! With this, Pokken Tournament and the upcoming Starfox it looks to be a good first half to the year for the Wii U. I only played Twilight Princess briefly on the Gamecube almost ten years ago, I was hesitating between getting this or Windwaker HD. Decisions, decisions…

    • I know, It is going to be a great year for the big N. It is a shame we didn’t get these games sooner. It may of help Nintendo get one over the competition 😉

      • I feel the Wii U is possibly the most underrated system in a long time. It has great games but it took too long to really get it going. The best games really only came out in the last two years!

        • Absolutely true, all the good games that would have made great launch titles didn’t come out until two years after its release. And now is like the final spring to make a real impact.

          • Agreed and agreed! If it was released with Super Smash or Mario Kart 8, it might have been a different story. Out of all the new systems, Wii U has the most creative and fun games if you ask me. It’s a shame it’s such a small part of the current gaming market.

  • Excellent! Good to see Twilight Princess doing so well.

    • It is indeed and it is good to see a Nintendo game get top spot for a change even if it is only temporary 😉

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