Pokken Tournament Is Ours!

Today is a great day for us at Miketendo64 as we have picked up our copies of Pokken Tournament. The hype around this game got the better of us and we just had to get it. For those of you that may have been living under a rock and may not have any idea what Pokken Tournament is, it is like Pokemon had a baby with Tekken and that baby was hard up on pure adrenaline, that is what this game is. I have to say, I am having a LOT of fun with this game. Even though there are like 12 different Pokemon to choose from, I am currently maining Pikachu, he was always a good ‘Go-To’ character in Smash Bros and in Pokken is no exception. Used well and Pikachu can devastate even the mightiest of opponents, well in Green league at least, I am still working my way up in Blue League 😉 So we just wanted to share some screenshots that we have taken in game for you to enjoy at your leisure.

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