Twilight Princess HD Stamp Collection Guide

I have finally finished Twilight Princess HD on Hero Mode and collected all 50 Stamps in the game. To celebrate, I want to share with all of our fine readers our Stamp Collection Guide so that you too, can get all of those lovely yet elusive stamps. We have refrained from using terms like “East” and “West” or “Left” and “Right” as the Game is mirrored depending in which mode you play. Instead, we have mentioned identifiable landmarks to help make finding each stamp easier.

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There are 49 Chests with stamps in the game with the 50th stamp being rewarded to you after finding them all. It is quite a challenge but we list all the kind of stamps in the order they are displayed in the Stamp Menu along with where you can find them and what items you may need to get them them. If you have any thoughts or opinions on how to improve this guide, please leave your comments below or email them to us at The following images are from our guide or you can download the PDF of the guide here: Twilight Princess HD Stamp Guide.

Slide1Introduction PageSlide2Slide3Slide4Slide5Slide6Slide7



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