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The latest update for Super Mario Maker is now out and it brings with it some pretty welcomed new tools including keys, key doors, key coins and spike pillars to add some more flavour to our course creations. The 100 Mario challenge has had a new lease of life with the new ‘Super Expert’ Mode and let me tell you, if you thought Expert mode was a Troll Fest, you will definitely be contacting Nintendo for a replacement Gamepad with this mode. I gave it a go myself and could not even get past the first stage, even after 20 lives and I have completed Expert mode more times than I care to count. It is a true test for the Die-hard Kaizo Mario fans and I guess I will not be getting the unlockable costumes any time soon. on the plus side, there are new costumes to unlock in Normal (3) and Expert (4) Mode too including Tetra the Pirate from The Wind Waker.¬† There is also a new event course out starring the ever so helpful Mashiko¬†and if you manage to complete it, you can keep the costume.The Super Mario Maker Bookmark Website has also been updated so that User Profiles will also display how many times you have completed courses, how many fails, World records held and more. What are your thought and opinions about the new update? Be sure to let us know in the comments below.

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