Super Mario Maker Update 1.40 (Nintendo Direct Details)

More good news from latest Nintendo Direct give us a much appreciated update for Super Mario Maker coming to us March 9th. It will be add new tool elements including the Spike Pillar from Super Mario World. Here is a list of the new tools;

Spike Pillar from Super Mario World (Shake Thwomp until it changes).

Key (Shake P-switch until it changes).

Key Door (Shake Door until it changes to P-switch door and then shake again).

Key can be hidden on enemies essentially creating Boss Battles.

Pink Coins which can change to a key if you have collected them all (shake coin).

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The 100 Mario Challenge will be making a comeback with a vengeance in “Super Expert Mode” which will have a lot more costumes to unlock and has another chance in turning our hair grey. Among the new costumes is Tetra the Pirate, from The Wind Waker. There will also be some changes to the Super Mario Maker Bookmark Website enabling new ways for players to search for levels.



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