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The controversial title that is Metroid Prime Federation Force will be coming this summer to 3DS. The game centers around the war between the Galactic Federation & the Space Pirates from Metroid Prime. Federation Force is to Metroid Prime like Tri Force Heroes is to the Legend Of Zelda series in the fact that it was created with Multiplayer in mind. With the gameplay centering around Multiplayer, intergalactic Bounty Hunter Samus Aran is not a playable character in the game but does get a cameo role in the game’s story. Federation Force uses the RPG mechanic in which players will have to complete objectives and earn experience to upgrade their stats and weapons. You will also be given the option to choose which roles you would like to play in each mission like a healer or warrior for example. The game is announced to have a late Spring release.

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There has been a lot of hate being spread on thick over poor old Metroid Prime: Federation Force from Metroid fans themselves saying that it does not deserve the “Metroid” title or aesthetic. Though Federation Force is not the “Metroid” game fans may have wanted or expected. The same could be said about Tri Force Heroes. That too was not initially well received but it has now sold over a million copies since it’s release last year so there may still be hope for Metroid Prime: Federation Force yet.

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