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Kirby has been given a new lease of life and another overhaul! Coming to the 3DS, Kirby Planet Robobot sees Kirby fighting against many enemies using his copy abilitie but whats more is that he can operate a special suit of armour that will also use copy abilitie. There is also a game mode called Team Kirby Clash in which 4 players can work together to defeat bosses and uses the RPG mechanic (gain experience, upgrade stats, etc.).

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The game comes with amiibo functionality that allows you to scan almost any amiibo which will give Kirby a copy ability of that amiibo figure. For example, scanning the Mario amiibo figure will grant Kirby with the Fire ability. Scanning Link will give Kirby the Sword ability. Scanning the Kirby amiibo figure also has an effect and will grant him the Smash ability that will allow Kirby to use Smash Bros type moves. That’s not all though, for all the amiibo collectors out there in the world. There will also be 4 new Kirby Amiibo to collect including; Kirby, Metaknight, King Dededee and Waddle dee.


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