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There is a rather unexpected Nintendo Direct coming tomorrow which is supposed to bring us some big news about Wii U & 3DS games on their way to us this summer. Nintendo has noted that there will not be any information on their next platform codenamed NX, or their mobile games which is a little odd seeing as Miitomo will be launching sometime this month.

The Direct is scheduled to air at 4pm CT (10 pm GMT/11pm European Time). I wouldn’t be surprised if it gives us a final trailer for Twilight Princess HD, a little extra on Hyrule Warriors. It may even shed light on the development of Starfox Zero. What would you like to see come from this Nintendo Direct? Feel free to leave your comments below.



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  • Monster Hunter X, PLEASE

    • my guess a Release date for Fire emblem fates

      an update on Zelda WiiU
      amiibo information for Cloud, and the other ones that havent been released yet.

      Maybe also a little bit of info on Sun/Moon ( but i doubt it )

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